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John Fowles Quotes to understand life

John Fowles was an English novelist, born in Leigh-on-Sea in England. He started his prestigious career in literature with drafting The Magus and also began his work writing another one- The Collector. His successful novels gave him the opportunity to drop the profession of the teacher and continue wholeheartedly as a novelist.  Ever since then, his famous books also got adapted into feature films and since 1945, he was named as one of the 50 greatest British writers. His thoughts were also teachings on how writing and novels can help to…

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Do you know these crazy love facts?

Love is something you can never explain in words. Although, love is an intense feeling but like everything in this world , it also have some true proven love facts which you probably don’t know. Love is not such a complex thing as we all think.  Here are few love facts which can make ‘Love’ , a bit more sorted. -We get attracted to a person with a different immune system than ours, also we can sense the immune system (which happens unknowingly, of course). -Being in love or falling…

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Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi on death

Martyrs’ Day is the death anniversary of the Mahatma Gandhi lovingly called father of nation.  Gandhiji  was killed 30th january, 1948, by Nathuram Godse because he blamed Gandhiji responsible for the partition of India.  Gandhi will always be a great inspiration for the people who believe to live a simple, honest and happy life. Here are few thoughts of Gandhi ji which shows different ways on how he thought about life and death. “Let us all be brave enough to die the death of a martyr, but let no one…

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