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Are you an occasional smoker?

“I don’t smoke much” “It’s just occasionally” “I smoke on alternative days” “I’m not addicted” “I can stop whenever I want” We hear such things much around ourselves, mostly whenever you point out someone’s smoking habits. These are the reply we usually get! Well, these people have a special term known as ‘Social Smokers’. Every smoker doesn’t smoke 2 packs a day or does it regularly. There are also Occasional or social smokers who are rare but they exist. Social smokers can vary in two ways- They don’t smoke on…

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Know your crush’s valentine’s day plan with their dress colour

Valentine’s Day is one of the most much awaited event for all the youngsters around the globe. While it is just another day for some, it holds many values for some. Couples plan special dates together and single try to change their relationship status by keeping their heart out to the one they love. Colours and love both fill our lives with happiness, thus here also colours will help you – To decode your crush’s valentine’s day plan! Here is the list of colours which describe what they’re upto- Red-…

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Unknown facts about Manveer Gurjar

Manveer  Gurjar  won Bigg Boss 10  and also won our hearts. He became ‘Hero’ of the season with playing with all his heart and giving everything what he had in the game. With his fighter attitude , he surely emerged as winner in the show as well as in life. He went through major personality changes and that all for good.  So, here are few unknown facts about this Hero- Manveer Gurjar. Manveer Gurjar is a proud Dairy farm owner. He is extremely fit both physically and mentally which is…

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Do you know these crazy love facts?

Love is something you can never explain in words. Although, love is an intense feeling but like everything in this world , it also have some true proven love facts which you probably don’t know. Love is not such a complex thing as we all think.  Here are few love facts which can make ‘Love’ , a bit more sorted. -We get attracted to a person with a different immune system than ours, also we can sense the immune system (which happens unknowingly, of course). -Being in love or falling…

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