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Are you an occasional smoker?

“I don’t smoke much”

“It’s just occasionally”

“I smoke on alternative days”

“I’m not addicted”

“I can stop whenever I want”

We hear such things much around ourselves, mostly whenever you point out someone’s smoking habits. These are the reply we usually get! Well, these people have a special term known as ‘Social Smokers’.

Every smoker doesn’t smoke 2 packs a day or does it regularly. There are also Occasional or social smokers who are rare but they exist. Social smokers can vary in two ways-

  1. They don’t smoke on regular basis or
  2. The smoke less than one cigarette a day on an average.

A prominent study by Professor Robert West (an expert on smoking at University College London) reveals that the class of social or occasional smokers belongs majorly from the middle class, are well educated and look smoking as nothing more than a social activity but they are still addicted.

What are the effects of Social smoking on health?

Many of us think that occasional smoking does not harm much especially the amount of damage regular smoking does to us. But here is something to think again because there is no safe level of smoking.

A cardiology professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in Minneapolis- Russell V. Luepker Says-“It’s no safer,” “When you take the first puff, your metabolism has changed,” “Your heart beats faster. … [People don’t realize] the sudden impact one cigarette has.”

Effect on Heart

Even occasional smoking has serious effects on your heart. Every cigarette you smoke leaves a dangerous impact on your heart. These smokers have almost the same risk of cardiovascular diseases as the addicted smokers.

Effect on blood platelets

Smoking leads your platelets to form a cluster which results in building clots increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Effect on nervous system

Nicotine entering your blood generates adrenaline which results in the increase of blood pressure and rate of the heart.

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