Unknown facts about Manveer Gurjar

Manveer  Gurjar  won Bigg Boss 10  and also won our hearts. He became ‘Hero’ of the season with playing with all his heart and giving everything what he had in the game. With his fighter attitude , he surely emerged as winner in the show as well as in life. He went through major personality changes and that all for good. 

So, here are few unknown facts about this Hero- Manveer Gurjar.

winner of bigg boss

  1. Manveer Gurjar is a proud Dairy farm owner.

  2. He is extremely fit both physically and mentally which is also displayed in the show. This is because he knows the prominence of  fitness, thus he is very interested in wrestling and gymmimg.

  3. Manoj Kumar Baisoya is the real name Manveer Gurjar.

  4. Manveer has a loving joint family with 49 members in his house.

  5. He is called Baba, Manu and Chacha with love in his family.

  6. Manveer celebrates his Birthday on 13 June. 

  7.  Manveer Gurjar is very much connected and devoted to the roots of our country.