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Do you know these crazy love facts?

Love is something you can never explain in words. Although, love is an intense feeling but like everything in this world , it also have some true proven love facts which you probably don’t know. Love is not such a complex thing as we all think. 

love facts

Here are few love facts which can make ‘Love’ , a bit more sorted.

-We get attracted to a person with a different immune system than ours, also we can sense the immune system (which happens unknowingly, of course).

-Being in love or falling in love can actually make you addicted of that person because a chemical called Dopamine is released which is the same chemical which is released when you’re high with use of cocaine or nicotine. ( So, when people say ‘your love is my drug’ , they actually mean it)

-Cuddling can actually act as pain killers because they trigger the same neurological reaction.

-Maintaining eye contact with a stranger especially when you’re forced to talk to each other, can make you fall in love with them. 

-If you show your gratitude towards your loved one ,it would result in an instant happiness within you.

-Long- lasting and successful relationships are maintained by the people with high self-esteem.

-It is not butterflies in your stomach when you see the person you love, it is adrenaline which causes stress response.

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